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World Women Riders: Viktoria from Kiev, Ukraine

In conversation with Viktoria from Ukraine. Took motorcycling as a hobby, rides Suzuki GSXR 600. Says “I adore speed and dynamic machines !”

Viktoria- Biker woman

Hello! My name is Viktoria! Im an interpreter but now work in sphere of beauty! Dream to be a make up artist! And main thing about me that Im in love with motorcycles! Im a rider of Suzuki GSXR 600! I`ve been riding for two years already!

Viktoria (4)

Truly speaking that`s one of my biggest passion I think I`ll never quit love motorcycles! For so many years I wanted to have a motorcycle but my parents was the reason I didn’t have one! They were against my hobby!

Viktoria (8)

But  4 years ago my good friend, also motorcyclist, made me think about motorcycles 24\7 and then I decided to learn riding!!! And frankly speaking that was the greatest experience and the best decision which chanced my whole life!!!

Viktoria (3)

First year I started with motorcycle school and was riding Yamaha YBR 125 !!!  I had it for about 3 months ! That was summer! Later  in winter I met my man who I love and he is a motorcyclist with a big experience !  He has a Kawasaki ZX14 ! He helped me to choose my motorcycle I have now!)


Why I prefer sportbike!? That is because I adore speed and dynamic machines !

My Suzuki  was made in 2011 and I didn’t  customized it ! As for repair and other tech things all questions to my man! He controls everything connected with repair!

Viktoria (7)

I don’t visit any motorcycle clubs but I usually go to track ! Hope next year i`ll start riding on track! As for long distances I once was riding all day and all night! Not sure for how much km it was but I remember how tired I was!

As far as I am a motorcyclist girl I was invited in music videos in photo shoots !

Viktoria (1)

Here in Kiev, Ukraine people like motorcycles but some car drivers are very aggressive and cause sometimes accidents ! As for girl riders they are like something incredible! Lots of boys wanna date with motorcycle girl!

As for my parents ! They got used to me riding a sport bike ! And now they are very proud of me!

I wanna say HI to all girl bikers of the world !  Girls Never quit doing what you love! Have a bright life and a loving people beside you! ENJOY YOUR RIDE !

(Unedited and as told to team TNW)

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