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World Women Bikers: Lune Vanila from Kerala on her motorcycling stories and hobbies

tnw: Tell us about yourself

Lune: Myself Lune Vanila, a freelancer and traveller from Kerala , South India. My passion are riding motorcycle, being an animal lover and art lover as well, collecting tough and extreme photographs. I love to travel to different places and experience different culture and diversity which makes me learn amazing things, enhanced creativity, broaden my perspective of the world and as part of my privacy I’m covering my face and hiding my identity for my legal purposes.

tnw: How long have you been riding motorcycle?

Lune: Since 2013, I started riding a motorcycle wherein I used it as a mode of transportation for going to college . I decided to ride a motorcycle just to give it a try to traveled on the picturesque and alluring places in my home town at Kerala.

tnw: Any specific reason you ride for?

Lune: Well, this is the most interesting question I’ve ever heard of even on social media. I have 5 Reasons to ride for

First of all its FUN. All of you would agree that motorcycles are fun to ride. There are a lot of entertainment filled within it that awaits you to get it out. You can pull those amazing wheels, wheelie or stoppie, by just playing with the throttle.

Second reason is the FRIENDSHIP. Motorcycle is one thing that keeps friends together and it will be till the end of times. The bond of friendship grows deeper when it is associated to a motorcycle.

Third, WHEELS OF GOD – No matter what destination you choose, motorcycles are ready to take you there. Into the jungle, over the mountains, across the river or beneath the caves. Motorcyclist loves the solitude and freshness of these places give to them.

Next is STRESS RELIEVER – Scientific studies shows that riding a motorcycle takes away all the tension and stress, like you have rebooted your system. Riding a motorcycle brings a sense of calm and ease to your mind and body which could be achieved otherwise only through meditation. It lets you have your own space while getting time to forget the things that has been bothering you.

Lastly, CHICKS DIG SCOOTERS – The pull on the throttle is directly proportional to how hot a chick is. This is a generic approach of most of the motorcyclist who would rev hard when they see a chick digging at the motorcycles. It definitely inspires many girls to ride motorcycle and be that source of inspiration.

tnw: Describe on how you got to where you are with motorcycling today.

Lune: At the beginning, I was not into the social media rather I am more into my personal space but then way back 2016 I created an Instagram account which is @lune_vanila as an online journal. I started to travel on different mesmerizing places together with @the_viperpilot as a couple traveller. Finally last year we traveled from Kerala to Leh-ladak by road. It was our dream come true ride.

tnw: The first motorcycle you started riding?

Lune: I learnt riding on Honda Activa and later continued with Yamaha Ray Z & Yamaha R15.

tnw: Your ride now? Tell us about your motorcycle

Lune: Aprila SR150 – a scooter with typical European styling which is contemporary.. It is termed the “sports-scooter” bike. It has good handling and manoeuvrability characteristics. The SR 150 has a smooth engine and I love the way it delivers power.

tnw: Joined any riding clubs clubs?

Lune: No, I’ve never been a part of any riding clubs. Me and @the_viperpilot have our own. We do attend some meet-ups.

tnw: 3 things your learnt from motorcycling

Lune: Never take safety for granted (wear helmets and gears). Stay alert, and stay sober, because many other out there aren’t (or won’t).

It is not the maximum speed at which your ride on a flat slab highway that makes for a great ride, it is the pleasure of seeing more interesting things — houses, barns, fields, etc. — that you can see on more curved narrower and less-travelled roads.

The reward is the journey itself. There is no need to seek experiences; simply riding gives one the greatest joy. Time freezes and there is only the present moment. For a stressed mind it is one of the best therapies in life.

tnw:  Interests that you spend time on apart from motorcycling?

Lune: I lot of pets , I love gardening, photography, reading ,cooking,music etc.

tnw: Do you have any motorcycling heroes?

Lune: Yes @the_viperpilot , he inspires and encourages me a lot.

tnw: Parents/ Friends- How do they feel of you riding a motorcycle. Any special comments?

Lune: At the beginning my parents were worried about my travel, the way I ride my scooter and comparably two wheelers have more risk factors than a car. As the time goes by my family and friends became supportive.

tnw: How are women motorcycle riders treated by most people and by male motorcyclists?

Lune: Times are changing. Now there are more positive comments and supports for woman motorcyclists.

tnw: You are an inspiration to many. Any message to your followers?

Lune: Live fearlessly. When we fear of what we do, we are not truly living. Many fears are irrational. While virtually nobody seems to believe it, we make our own reality. There is nothing to be afraid of.

tnw: And any message to female riders?

Lune: Just Believe in yourself, be yourself and be clear about what you are looking for. Set your goals and just go for it.

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Unedited interview. As told to team technwheelz

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