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World Women Riders: Roshini S Miraskar on her motorcycling trails and biker communities

Roshini S Miraskar, biker girl from Bengaluru shares her motorcycling story with team TnW.  Roshini, former admin of the BIKERNI BENGALURU, tells us about what it has been like, about trails and biker communities, and what she’d like to change.


Q) How long have you been riding motorcycle? Any specific reason you ride for?

A) I have been riding since 2011. Earlier it was for the need of commuting now it’s for the passion of touring on a motorcycle. Riding allows me to be myself and discover ME. I don’t have to qualify an interview to enter any road, as a tourer I am free to go. I won’t be judged. Love the feeling of nature, roads, wind and me.


Q) Describe on how you got to where you are with motorcycling today.

A) During my college days, more than biking , the need of commuting from point A to point B was important. Got a Scooty ES made the complete use of it with absolute no complaints apart from famous TVS punctures and a couple of skids. At the end of 5-6 years used to feel disgusted at the speed and seeing people ripping in front of me. So got a better scoot, the TVS WEGO.


Bikes never really crossed my mind because none in my vicinity actually encouraged me biking nor I had time to think about the things that made me insanely happy ,was too busy being workaholic settling my career. I just wanted speed, so that when I get onto the flyovers in the city wanted to fly but off course low. Getting a max speed to 85 from 45 was overwhelming… Ripping in the city with Wego was fun…!!! But other bikes ripping past yawning mighty roars, super annoying.

 During the jobless days happen to get back in touch with my engineering friend after years none other than our biker “SAJ”. He asked “Rosh lets catch up at least for a ride, I know you like the rides on bikes. I had jaws dropped to see what bikers are actually, killing the misconception seed I grew up with. Thought bikers are ruthless big shots on roads born to show off their luxury mean machines. Apart from the feeling of your eyeballs being sucked into the back of your head to see bikes whizzing past you, the riding gears, big bikes, good helmets and off course bloody big cameras started adding true meaning to the assets that bikers possess. I really wanted to be one amongst them but never really had the courage to take it forward. Then just happen to log in to Bangalore Bikers  forum just with an intention of checking out pictures, never knew there was no looking back since then.

Where I am? I am where i choose to be. With completing about a 80K+ km touring on my motorcycle, exploring and getting as close to nature as possible. Covered most places down south. Thanks for my passion for riding, it’s eventually got me into fitness and now I ride and trek. Glad I understood that to RIDE LONG one has to be fit. Riding is just not about opening the throttle or shifting gears it’s a lot more.

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Q) The first motorcycle you started riding and your ride now?

A) Started with the Bajaj Discover for 5-10 mins then rode the Yamaha R15 V1 and fell in love with it but married the Avenger 220. It’s been almost 6 years I got my Avenger 220, I don’t plan to sell it, neither upgrade it or modify it. Its in stock condition and I love it.


 I had also done a recent review on it. That should sum it all up as to why Avenger.

Q) Do you maintain and repair motorcycles on your own?

A) I maintain my motorcycle. About repair, I am yet to learn loads about how it works. But since I am the only person who rides my motorcycle considering i share it with none, just by riding it I could pin point what would have gone wrong in it, be it problem with gears / engine / chain / wiring etc. hence the fix is mostly preplanned.


Q) Joined any riding clubs/ motorcycle clubs?

A) I started the BIKERNI BENGALURU under the guidance of Urvashi Patole who is the founder of THE BIKERNI INDIA. Now I am the former admin of the same club. I also ride with India Bull Riders, Bangalore Bikers and Avenger Club-Bengaluru. I also try not to miss any CSR services conducted by India Bull Riders or Bikerni.

Q) Do you have a motorcycling achievement that you take pride in? 

A) I am glad that I stood by Bikerni Bengaluru in its initial days and now very proud to be a part of 101 active women bikers in the club who make it the best place to live in. Happy that I covered Bangalore to Kanyakumari in less than 12 hours.


I cannot and will never forget riding in Koli hills finished 72 hair pin bends at midnight with no broad day light.  Overcame my worst fear of riding in rains at night in a thick forest playing hide and seek with mist at 3am on the way to Patalmalai, Kerela. Can’t wait to unlock what more is in future when it will come to riding in the north.

Q) Do you have any motorcycling heroes?

A) I don’t believe in having a hero who I have to just look over the net and admire their riding/ racing stories – example ROSSI. I won’t even meet him. I fan Rossi, but I think the one I consider heroes are some folks who I ride with and for now I would mention one name and that is Vinay Nagaraj from India Bull Riders.

Roshini and Vinay Nagaraj from India Bull Riders

Be it handling panic situations on the road, meticulous planning and execution, being calm and focused in the best of roads / twisters / highways or the worst climate /terrain or even while fixing breakdowns. I am lucky to have had chances of riding alongside him sometimes and learning loads.

Q) How are women motorcycle riders treated by most people and by male motorcyclists?

A) If you are talking about male motorcyclists, I think most are matured enough to understand biking is not gender specific. I am just another rider for them. About other men and other people whose passion is not riding will never understand why we ride, and it’s been 6 years that I have stopped explaining anyone WHY. I don’t have the time to react to anyone’s reactions when I am on the move so I don’t expect to be treated in a certain way. It’s just annoying that we receive too much attention and we gather crowd around us more quickly especially in the rural areas.


Q) Parents/ Friends- How do they feel of you riding a motorcycle. Any special comments?

A) I am blessed to be born in a family and to a mother who dint hesitate to give me permission to buy myself a motorcycle when I could afford one myself. It’s just an awesome feeling when I go touring on my bike for days and everything is been taken care off back home.  I love it when I leave for a ride at early hours like even 2:30AM my mother is always up to bid me bye. I think their actions speak a lot more than they leaving any comments for me. They only ask me to give them phone numbers of the folks I ride with.

Q) The motorcycles you wish / dream to see parked in your garage?

A) I am more of a tourer than a racer keeping that and my height in mind. I am I love the challenging INDIAN terrain and I can’t think of any other machine than Avenger which can take the hit and yet be the most reliable machine for 6+ years and still counting. I did rather tour more of north first and then think of investing on another motorcycle.

But if wishes comes true I would love to wake up to having a Ducati Scrambler parked next to my Avenger in my garage.


Q) Message to other female riders?

A) Ride because you want to, not because you are out there to prove a point and kill the “breaking stereotype hype” that’s created. Ask yourself what kind of rider you want to become, racer or tour or stunt. Ride a motorcycle which you can handle in any terrain thrown at you, follow your passion because that’s what keeps you living than merely just surviving. If you are a tourer don’t wait for anyone to plan your ride trips, plan your own and keep them going on and on. Remember it’s not about the type of bike you got, it’s about how you RIDE it and where you take it.

Be prepared for the worst that could happen in the ride you plan, the best will eventually fall in place undoubtedly leaving you with splendid memories for life time.



Roshini S Miraskar

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Unedited interview and as told to team TECH ‘N WHEELZ

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