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In conversation with Pooja Ajit Dabhi– Pune based biker girl who says – ” rebellion is the word” who says girls cannot , I will prove it anyway …

Pooja Ajit Dhabi (1)

Q) Profession?

A) A motorcycle tour guide in a travel agency,  who arranges / organizes motorcycle tours for the people who are not into direct exposure to biking but always had to experience it. Provoking them to ride in groups,  safely and explore the way every biker would do it..


Q) How long have you been riding motorcycles?

A) To be exact…on Dec 4th 2014.  It would be a year since I am riding a motorcycle. ( it’s the day I brought a motorcycle for myself , learnt riding and the  the journey started. KTM Duke 200 was the motorcycle I learnt riding on. This might sound surprising to learn on a 200cc motorcycle but that’s the truth…

Pooja Ajit Dhabi

Q) Why preferred motorcycle over scooter?

A) Most of the girls would prefer riding a scooter/moped but it always limited me from riding far as I dreamt of. I always have been into touring . Soon I had chosen motorcycles because I knew this would help me go as far as I wish as quick as one could think.

Q) Tell us about the motorcycle you are  riding now.

A) The KTM Duke 200 – it’s always  been a great motivation to me.  The more I rode it.. the more i realised that I still have lesser adventure ideas than my motorbike.  It is capable of doing much more… Technically speaking it’s very light weight , easy to handle , feels just like a toy to me. In spite of I being of less height ( not even 5 feet complete ) it’s very comfortable for me to manage it.

Pooja Ajit Dhabi (5)

Q) Are you a part of any  motorcycle clubs?

A) Road Raiders in 2014 . A small group but always been united .
Rubber Smokin Angles in 2015 . To be the only female rider in the crowd of hundreds of guys .

Q) How far did you ride your motorcycle in a single go?

A) Pune to Gujarat…about 780 kms in a day (specifically to Mehsana district ) .

Pooja Ajit Dhabi

Q) Achievements so far?


  • Have done solo rides to Gujarat , Goa , Karnataka , into Maharashtra very often.
  • Done a coastal route… entire of Konkan and Goa ending up to south Goa.. covering  1500 kms in 5 days.
  • Rode from Gokarna to Pune 750 kms in a day with heavy rainfall all the way…. where cars stopped by aside the roads but I kept rolling no matter what .
  • I have been participating in KTM Orange Day . I am the first and the only girl in Pune to participate in a track race which is held all over India. Have participated in it 2 times..
  • Also participated in a major event called ‘ Pune Offroad Event 2015 ‘ I was the only girl riding in 150 guys . Which amazed hundreds of them when they discovered a girl riding through muddy , terrain with a stock tyres which are never meant for offroads.
  • Also a member of Street Sense Pune for helmet awareness .
  • Also rode on Women’s day for Womens Bike Rally to  encourage females to ride more often with their helmets on.
  • Another record set was I completed 550 kms… Vadodara to Pune in 7 hrs . Passing heavy traffic of Thane and bumpy roads of old Mumbai Pune highway.
  •  Its not even a year with my first motorcycle and the odometer is 20000 kms already and still a series of rides are already planned for….

Pooja Ajit Dhabi

Q) Parents/ friends- How do they feel of you riding a motorcycle? Any special comments?

A) Parents and friends reactions are priceless each time , each day I ride . From just a normal girl I am named as a biker , a motor girl , KTM Duke’er … This journey has not only been my own decision but a support from all my closest people around.

Q) Message to other female riders –  
” rebellion is the word” who says girls cannot , I will prove it anyway 

Lastly “We have been blessed with a beautiful life, to make it meaningful and worth living I RIDE . ”

Pooja Ajit Dhabi

Unedited and as told to Team TNW

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