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World Women Riders: Cassandra Walker from Florida on her bike and biking life

Cassandra Walker from Florida speaks about her bike and her biking life.  Currently she rides a Kawasaki Ninja 250 and is in plans of getting a brand new Kawasaki 636!

Q) Tell us about yourself?

A) My name is Cassandra Walker. I’m currently a senior at Eastern Michigan University studying entrepreneurship. I’ll graduate in June! I’m originally from southern Florida and plan to move back once I’m done with school.

Cassandra Walker (3)
Cassandra Walker

Q) How long have you been riding a motorcycle?

A) I started riding in 2011. My dad owns a few Harley’s and two custom choppers. I’ve also dated a few people with bikes, and I was sick of being the passenger all the time! So I bought a bike of my own.

Q) Any particular reason you ride for?

A) I’m an adrenaline junkie and lover of all things dangerous and fast paced!  Riding motorcycles is the perfect combination of a real rush and relaxation.

Q) Describe on how you got to where you are with motorcycling today.

A) I bought my first motorcycle without ever driving one before. I taught myself to ride by watching YouTube videos! I would practice getting used to the clutch in the parking lot of my apartment complex until I eventually took the motorcycle safety course offered at the community college near me. Once I had my license, there was no getting me off my bike. Now I’m very comfortable on a motorcycle, and while I still always ride safe, I’ve been able to loosen up and test the waters a bit 😉

Q) Why preferred motorcycle over a scooter?

A) Honestly, I’m not one to half-ass things. Sure it’s much easier to drive a scooter because it’s an automatic transmission but I’m not going to take the easy way out. Half the fun of riding a bike is the thrill of pulling the throttle back and shifting higher and higher! I’m not a coward.

Cassandra Walker (1)
Cassandra Walkers Kawasaki Ninja 250

Q) The first motorcycle you started riding/ learned riding?

A) My first bike was a 09 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Q) Your ride now?

A) Same year and same model bike. I love the Ninja 250s. They are affordable and low to the ground so that I can have optimum control over the motorcycle. I know where all the functions and buttons are. Basically, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

Q) Tell us about your motorcycle.

A) My motorcycle is a head turner for sure. It’s a 09 special edition, so the original paint is green white and black. I’ve custom painted it myself to all green and black. It also has a Dan Moto exhaust that sounds wild!

Cassandra Walker (2)

Q) Do you maintain and repair motorcycles on your own?

A) Yes, I’ve done all my oil changes, put on all my aftermarket mods, and did my custom paint job.

Q) Your future ride?

A) I love my Ninja 250, but I’m dreaming of getting a brand new Kawasaki 636!

Q) Joined any riding clubs/ motorcycle clubs?

A) I started my riding club in Ann Arbor for women only! It’s called “Motorcycle Maidens” always looking for new chicks to join and ride with!

Cassandra Walker (4)

Q) How are women motorcycle riders treated by most people and by male motorcyclists?

A) Girls who ride are badass! I have been treated with a lot of respect! 

Q) Parents/ Friends- How do they feel about you riding a motorcycle. Any particular comments?

-My family does not like my bike riding. But it’s obviously just out of concern for my safety. My husband, however, thinks it’s sexy! Haha

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