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World Women Bikers: Amber Spencer and her motorcycling stories

technwheelz: How long have you been riding motorcycle?

Amber: I started riding in Feb 2017. So as of this writing, 2.5 years

technwheelz: Any specific reason you ride for?

Amber: I am hooked. Riding a motorcycle encourages me to travel to places I’ve never seen before. I met my partner through motorcycle riding and have met so many incredible new friends. Motorcycles have this inherent community. We have fun together and we watch each other’s backs on the road.

I love the visceral feeling of using my body to move the bike and feel the road. Being one with the bike and maneuvering on technical roads is an indescribable feeling. I also enjoy the friendly competitiveness of racing at the track, which I am doing this year. It’s an “always-learning” cycle. You always have to be on top of your game to ride a motorcycle to both your limit and it’s limit – and still keep the rubber side down.

technwheelz: Describe on how you got to where you are with motorcycling today.

Amber: My Dad has always been an inspiring figure for me. He rode a Harley and from the first time I sat on the back of his bike and felt the lean of the bike, it was scary as hell.. and so exciting! There was nothing else like the wind and the adrenaline – I was mind blown. Not too long after my first motorcycle ride, I bought my first motorcycle.

technwheelz: The first motorcycle you started riding/ learnt riding

Amber: A 2005 Suzuki Boulevard S40. This was a 650cc cruiser that I learned and passed my test on. Shortly after that I met some great friends through a local motorcycle group on Facebook. They introduced me to sport bikes. I switched to a GSXR-750 which I crashed in my first year. My colleague helped me to rebuild this into a track bike. My next bike was a newer GSXR-750. In my first 2 years, I’ve owned 4 bikes!

technwheelz: Your ride now

Amber: My street bike is a Ducati Panigale 899 and my track bike is a Suzuki GSX-R 750. I loved my 2015 GSX-R 750, but I had always loved the look of the Panigale. It was my dream bike, the white one. I put my bike up for sale and it sold in the first week. So, I searched for a Ducati 899 Panigale. I found a beautiful one, my partner and I had to travel 2 days to pick it up. We really took a chance, because we couldn’t check it out before we picked it up. Luckily, it all checked out!

technwheelz: Do you maintain and repair motorcycles on your own?

Amber: I take the time to learn as much as I can about maintaining my own motorcycle. I can do the basic maintenance, but anything complicated or I don’t understand too well, I let the professionals take care of that. I replaced quite a few parts on my old bikes, and ran into trouble with the electrical parts! I blew a fuse! So now, I try to learn from the professionals.

technwheelz: Joined any riding clubs/ motorcycle clubs?

Amber: Yes, I am part of the Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club and will be racing there this year. I am also part of 3 motorcycle facebook groups who hold meet-ups throughout the riding season. I attend group rides and social meetups occasionally throughout the summer.

technwheelz: How far have you ridden your motorcycle?

Amber: I put on 10,000km on my first GSX-R 750 in my first year. My longest day-trip was 460km in one day, we stayed overnight and came back the next day. I also went the fastest I’ve ever gone on a bike, on this trip 🙂

technwheelz: Do you have a motorcycling achievement that you take pride in?

Amber: I am hoping to win my racing season this year, so wish me luck! I do take pride in my company – I feel sometimes from non-motorcyclists, motorcycling gets a bad reputation for being dangerous. I feel that what we’re doing will change that.

technwheelz: Do you have any motorcycling heroes?

Amber: I’m not sure who doesn’t love and admire Rossi. Not only is he an amazing rider, but he is very down-to-earth and not arrogant. I would like to see more female racers in MotoGP.

technwheelz: How are women motorcycle riders treated by most people and by male motorcyclists?

Amber: I can’t speak for everyone. I am 5’1 and when I went to buy my very first motorcycle, one of the dealerships told me I “wouldn’t fit on any of their sport bikes, I was too small”. That really annoyed me. I can ride an R1 now, and yes – it’s difficult. But I could’ve ridden most of the motorcycles in that showroom. This has not been my experience with every dealer – many of the local dealers were welcoming and friendly. That is the majority of my experience. Most people have the utmost respect for female riders, I haven’t experienced anything bad from the local community. They treat me just like any other rider.

technwheelz: Parents/ Friends- How do they feel of you riding a motorcycle? Any special comments?

Amber: My partner and I met through motorbikes – so he is very happy, obviously! We love going for rides together. My Dad was surprised my bike got so powerful so quickly, but he was proud. He always wanted to share with me the joy of riding and I am eternally thankful he introduced me to two wheels, and took my go-kart racing as a child. It took me a year to tell my Mum, though! I tried my best to hide it from her as I knew she wouldn’t be impressed. When I finally told her, she told me although she wasn’t very happy about it, she just wants me to be fulfilled and enjoy my life. So, we were all good in the end.

technwheelz: The motorcycles you wish / dream to see parked in your garage?

Amber: Ducati Diavel 1290 – I rode this in San Diego and it’s a beast! Right now, it’s the only cruiser I’d love to own.
2020 BMW S1000RR – I always found the ergonomics and design of this bike a very good fit for me. I haven’t owned a litre bike yet, so this would be my next choice.

technwheelz: Message to other female riders?

Amber: Let’s go ride! Hit me up on instagram @ambers.paradox, haha. Always love seeing female riders and would love to have a female race team join me one day.

Interview as told to team technwheelz. Image credits to respective owners


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