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Potholes killed 10 daily in 2017. Blame game continues

Potholes took a deadly toll in 2017, claiming almost 10 lives daily with annual fatalities in the country adding up to 3,597 a more than 50% rise over the toll for 2016. 

Maharashtra recorded a doubling of deaths year on year — disheartening evidence road safety remains a casualty in India. Transport and traffic experts, however, blame it on faulty road designs and poor maintenance of roads. Lack of road discipline and many two-wheeler riders are the add-ons for increase in death toll.

Experts say that the roads in India are still being constructed as per decades old guidelines. Most of the damaged roads do not have cautionary signages that lead to frequent road accidents. Ill-conceived drainage system in cities are also responsible for potholes. The solution it needs is not just repairing roads, but a complete overhaul.

According to data shared by states with the Centre, Uttar Pradesh logged most deaths at 987. Eight people died in Delhi due to pothole related accidents in 2017 against none the previous year.

Number of accidents can be higher as there is no scientific method for reporting the road accidents in India. As a result, many accidents go unreported and there is no detailed investigation into causes of road deaths in our country


Source: TOI

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