Thursday, May 25

Politician ‘stops’ ambulance for 30 minutes. Patient dies

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Darshan Nagpal, allegedly stopped the ambulance for half an hour as it rammed into his vehicle on August 5 in Haryana’s Fatehabad district resulting in the death of the patient who could not get timely treatment.

The patient, Naveen Soni, 42-year-old, lost his life as the ambulance reached the hospital late. The complainant, Arun Kumar, has alleged that he was taking his uncle, Naveen Kumar, to a cardiologist when their ambulance hit the car of BJP municipal council chief, Darshan Nagpal, from the rear.

Nagpal, he alleged, stopped the ambulance near the Lal Batti Chowk in Hisar and squabbled with the ambulance driver over compensation for more than 30 minutes. He alleged that his uncle died before he could be attended by doctors due to this delay.


The BJP leader, however, refuted the allegation and said he did not stall the ambulance and let it go. The family alleged that the police was unwilling to register a case against the powerful local BJP leader.

The police is investigating the case for detailed information.

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