Thursday, June 8

Jumps red signal, nearly hits pedestrian and crashes head-on to another car

Running a red light is the worst part. It is one of the most dangerous driving manoeuvres possible, and puts your life and those of others at risk. It is estimated that at most traffic signals, a driver runs a red light every 20 minutes, which means there are three potentially serious or fatal collisions being risked every hour.

While almost every driver will say they think passing through a red light is extremely dangerous and reckless, around a third admit to having done it at some point

This accident occurred in the city of Taganrog, in South-West Russia, and saw a woman nearly get run over on the crosswalk. What’s equally shocking is the fact that she seemed completely calm after the car flew past, continuing her walk as if nothing happened.

While the pedestrian reached the other side of the road safely, the driver at fault didn’t, losing control of his or her car, and slamming head-on into another vehicle.

The impact didn’t occur at a very high speed, but was probably violent enough to shake up all the passengers by the looks of it. Hopefully everybody made it out without any injuries.

As for why the driver of the green car lost control in the first place, it looks as though he or she might have overreacted a bit and yanked that steering wheel a little too hard trying to keep the car moving straight.


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