Thursday, February 9

Helmet saves rider’s life as heavy truck runs over his head

Helmets are always a good idea. They are one of the oldest forms of protective equipment on earth, having been worn by the Akkadians/Sumerians in the 23rd century BC, the Mycenaean Greeks since the 17th century BC and beyond.

Today helmets have become significantly more advanced and are now utilized for far more than just combat and are a necessary part of everyday life and sporting activities. Whether you’re riding a bike or skiing downhill, modern helmets have been adapted to cater to a wide range of possible injury scenarios.

In the case of one man driving a scooter on a busy street in Cainta, Philippines, it proved a live-saving choice. Video of the incident uploaded online is available below. It’s shocking and amazing at the same time, as the unidentified man literally gets up and smiles after a heavy, loaded truck runs over his head. That’s because he was wearing a helmet at the time.

Shot by a dash camera, the video shows the guy on the scooter trying to pass the truck on the right, through a small gap between the heavy vehicle and the sidewalk. He loses balance and falls, and goes under the truck, which runs over his head with one wheel. Luckily for him, the truck wasn’t speeding.

Even luckier of him was that he was wearing a helmet. The videos shows him next getting up and removing the gear, which is now completely bent by the force of the impact. He’s smiling, even though it appears as if one arm is broken and he’s clearly dazed. He sits down on the sidewalk and then gets back up again, to talk to another driver who’s just pulled in to ask how he was doing.

Perhaps less amazing than the guy’s survival is that the other motorists appear quite unfazed by the near-tragedy they witnessed. One guy on a scooter driving behind the victim actually goes on his way after looking at him and seeing him alive.

Safety is something you should never compromise on. Always wear a helmet, even if you only take your bike out for a run, and especially if you get into heavy traffic.

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