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Volkswagen ID.7 all-electric sedan production version unveiled

Volkswagen has unveiled the production version of the new ID.7 all-electric sedan. The German carmaker says it is its first global electric model for the upper mid-size segment. The brand also claims that the large, sleek sedan – ID.7 sets new benchmarks for efficiency with its 700km of range as per the WLTP cycle.

The design of the new Volkswagen ID.7 was already partly revealed in teasers from earlier this year, but it’s now dropped the camouflage. The ID.7 sports a familiar face that we’ve come to see on Volkswagen’s ID. models. The all-electric mid-size sedan is almost five metres long and Volkswagen paid close attention to its aerodynamics. It has a much more athletic and swoopy shape than cars like the Volkswagen ID.4. The aerodynamic design also results in a low drag coefficient of 0.23.

It has a pointy nose with some sleek LED headlights and a full-width LED strip across the bonnet. There are no big fake grilles here, just some slim air intakes in the lower bumper to cool the battery.

At the back Volkswagen seems to have kept things simple. There’s a chunky light bar across the tailgate with a neat-looking LED light signature, and there are some subtle vents in the lower bumper.

Inside, Volkswagen has  introduced a new operating and display concept in the ID.7. The brand took customer feedback from its existing customers and improved the operating experience. The ID.7 features a 15-inch infotainment screen with an AR head-up display. For easy accessibility, it also gets air-conditioning controls on the top level of the infotainment system as well as assignable favourites buttons and a backlit touch slider.

Volkswagen has also confirmed that the ID.7’s interior will be made using a few recycled materials, just like in the Volkswagen ID.Buzz. This includes fabrics made out of ocean plastics and recycled bottles, as well as recycled plastics in the insulation.

The ID.7 uses the same MEB platform as the other ID. models but debuts a completely new and highly efficient drive generation. What it has confirmed though is battery sizes. From launch, the ID.7 will be offered with a 77kWh in the Pro version. This offers up to 615 km of range. Later on there will be a Pro S version with a larger 86kWh battery, offering up to 700 km on a charge.

Volkswagen says that the ID.7 is one of the ten new electric models it plans to launch by 2026. Apart from the ID.7, Volkswagen introduced the new ID.3 and the ID.Buzz with a long wheelbase. A new electric compact SUV and the production version of the ID. 2all will arrive in 2026. Volkswagen will produce the new ID.7 in its plant in Emden, Germany for the European and North American markets. The ID.7 will launch in Europe and China this year, while North America will get the ID.7 in 2024.

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