Saturday, March 25

Okinawa electric scooter spied. Must be the Oki90

Spies have caught a testing an electric scooter that might be the upcoming Okinawa Oki90 electric scooter. Okinawa’s upcoming e-scooter caught our attention because of its sheer size.

The new e-scooter appears to have a long wheelbase and is equipped with large alloy wheels. It has telescopic suspension at the front and twin shock absorbers at the rear. It also gets disc brakes at both ends.

The company, on earlier occasions had shared hints on its product pipeline. This includes the Oki90 (internal codename) which should promise the longest riding range on any electric scooter in the country.

The upcoming Okinawa Oki90 electric scooter will get LED DRLs along with what look like LED indicators. Ditto for the main headlamps! The rear view mirrors are finished in chrome.

The scooter will end offering one of the largest wheels in the segment. Notice the large disc brake and proper telescopic forks.

The scooter will also get a full digital console with possible Bluetooth connectivity. On the right side, you can see the switch to toggle between Eco and Power modes.

With drivability and maneuverability of a bike and practicality of a scooter, Okinawa seems to be having a winner in their hands.

Source: 91wheels

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