Tuesday, May 30

Made-in-India Menza Lucat electric motorcycle launched

Menza Motors launched their first electric motorcycle – Lucat at INR 2.79 lakh Ex-showroom, Delhi. One can pre-book the bike starting mid-Feb with deliveries expected mid-August.  

Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat Menza Motors was launched in March 2016 and with their all new product the company aims to bring about a change in the automobile industry of India.

Powering the motorcycle is a Brushless DC motor with output ratings of 18 Kw and 60Nm. The 72V Lithium-ion battery pack with smart BMS System can be fully charged in 4 hours and can be fast charged in just 90 minutes on any wall socket and onboard charging. Once charged the Lucat can be ridden for 100 Kms in the city and 150 kms on highway. Top speed is 121 kmph !!

The motorcycle is built as per the rider’s requirement which includes the body-type, suspension, seat, height and footrest and rolls on 17-inch spoked wheels . It gets inverted WP telescopic front suspension and a custom rear monoshock. Braking is taken care by 300mm disc brake at the front and 230 mm disc brake at the rear. The bike weighs around 153 kg.

The motorcycle is incorporated with a track package, a dynamic safety system which gives notifications on speed limits and battery drainage, along with an automatic motor off and a button for launch control.

The Lucat has been extensively road tested over 10,000 kms before putting into actual production. Supporting the Government’s Make in India initiative, 84% of the Motorcycle parts are have been designed or manufactured locally. The company  plans  to  set up  an  entire  ecosystem  for electric motorcycles within the country, which would include the product and the easy availability of charging stations along with creating a community of Menza motorcycle riders in the near future.

The company has recently set up vehicle charging stations along the Yamuna Expressway leading up to the iconic Taj Mahal before the launch. Established in public domains, this service is free for public use.


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