Monday, May 29

Etrio launch electric 3-wheeler Touro Max and Mini

Etrio, India’s electric vehicle start-up, with an aim of electrifying intracity logistics has launched its new electric three-wheeler range of products under the brand name “Touro”.

Catering to the cargo segment, the two new variants will be focused on intra-city logistics especially in last-mile delivery applications. The passenger variants of the three-wheelers will be rolled out soon. The company raised funding of $3 million, last month to facilitate these launches.

The brand, Touro, is derived from the Portuguese word Toro which means ‘a bull’. The design philosophy, thus, emulates the attributes of a bull such as strong stability, unmatched power and immense load carrying capacity. Touro comes with bull inspired signature front grille

The company has announced that the entire Touro family is going to be completely localized making it eligible for central and state government subsidy.

Currently, Touro is undergoing pilot runs at leading e-commerce logistics companies in Hyderabad, Delhi, and Bangalore. The company is set to expand its footprint across the country in the coming few months. The passenger variants of the new electric three-wheeler shall be launched in the next few months during which the company plans to set up its dealership network in select locations.

A fixed price isn’t announced for Touro Max, and Mini as all products are customised to meet specific e-commerce requirements. This ranges based on battery chemistry, payload required, cubic capacity, and number daily kilometres. Touro Max and Mini are available for outright sale, and lease. Touro lease options are available to leading e-commerce companies that place an order for over 50 vehicles on a 3-year contract period. Current production capacity stands at 500 units per month. Pilot runs are being held in Hyderabad, Delhi, and Bangalore.

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