Wednesday, May 24

BYD Han electric sedan revealed. Rival to Tesla Model 3

BYD Han EV, the China automaker’s flagship premium all-electric executive sedan is set to go on sale in international markets following its home-market debut in June.

The model was supposed to debut in April at Auto China, which was cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic, and now will come to Europe. It is not clear when such a launch event would be possible in Europe – however, BYD wants to stick to the schedule of selling the Han EV in China from the end of June. Although BYD has not yet given a date for the premiere of the announced Han EV, it has revealed more details about the electric car.

The Han EV features ‘Blade Battery’ technology, which is claimed to be simpler and more space efficient than rival battery packs, with improved range and “greatly enhanced” safety.  The Blade battery has been in development by BYD for several years, and sees the singular cells arranged together in an array before being inserted into the pack. The automaker says its design also allows for space utilisation to be increased by over 50% compared to conventional lithium iron phosphate block batteries.

No specific battery size or technical data has been released for the Han EV, but the firm claims it can do 605km on a single charge based on the old NEDC test cycle. A European-standard WLTP figure will have to be released as part of the car’s homologation process.

BYD claims that it’s capable of 0-100kph in 3.9sec, thanks to a silicon-carbide motor control system. It is China’s first mass-market EV to feature Bosch’s latest IPB Intelligent Integrated Brake System – claimed to improve braking precision, range and comfort.

Technology is named as a prime focus for the Han EV. It features 5G connectivity, helping the car’s DiPilot intelligent drive assistance functions, which are claimed to feature self-learning and self-evolution. The interior is dominated by a large Tesla-style central display and digital dials.

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