Monday, May 29

Astro Motors’ Navya Electric 3-Wheeler Conquers Umling La Pass with Female Driver at the Wheel

Astro Motors, a Mumbai-based EV manufacturer, has set a new record by successfully reaching the world’s highest motorable road at Umling La Pass, located in Ladakh at 19,024 feet, with its electric three-wheeler, Astro Navya. The electric cargo loader, powered by a 10.2 kWh battery, can carry up to 630 kgs and has a top speed of 50kmph.

Pratiksha Das, India’s first female B.E.S.T licensed driver, accomplished this feat with the support of a team from Astro Motors. Vitan Jagada, the founder of Astro Motors, expressed his satisfaction with the vehicle’s performance under challenging conditions and with a full payload. According to him, the company has successfully coupled a manual gearbox with an electric motor to optimize its performance.

Kunal Chandra, co-founder of Astro Motors, highlighted the government’s FAME Policy, which provides incentives for people to switch to electric vehicles, and the rising adoption of three-wheeler EVs, which has seen a year-on-year growth of 101.32%. He also emphasized the potential of the electric vehicle market in India, which is projected to reach a value of US$206 billion by 2030.

Astro Navya’s co-founder and industrial designer, Hardik Dhanak, expressed his confidence in the company’s upcoming designs for future product launches. He stated that the electric three-wheeler had undergone rigorous testing on tough roads, in harsh weather conditions, and with rough driving patterns. The successful accomplishment of reaching the highest motorable road in the world without any difficulties or breakdowns was a milestone achievement for Astro Motors.

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