Saturday, March 25

Altigreen’s electric cargo 3-wheeler now available in Delhi

Altigreen, an electric vehicles OEM, today announced the availability of its electric three-wheeler in Delhi. The company has partnered with electric fleet startup MoEVing to launch its EVs in Delhi-NCR while having started the delivery of the ‘NEEV’ three-wheel EVs for MoEVing’s portfolio in Delhi-NCR already. Altigreen NEEV is an L5 cargo vehicle that the company says has been designed keeping specific needs of Indian users in mind.

Altigreen’s NEEV comes with an 11-kWh battery pack offering a range of up to 125 km and a payload capacity of 550 kg in city traffic conditions.

The company has already opened its office in New Delhi to expand business in the region and launched a service network across various geographical areas in Delhi-NCR to support its customers.

It is to be noted that the capital has already exempted ‘electric carriers’ from its existing ban on plying & parking of LCVs in NCR during specified timings, under the Delhi EV Policy of 2019. The policy of 2020 further provides a purchase incentive of Rs 30,000 to the first ten thousand electric goods carriers registered in Delhi, in addition to interest subvention of 5 percent on loans availed from DFC.

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There is a growing demand for sustainable last-mile services in Delhi-NCR, owing to environmental concerns and increased operational costs of ICE vehicles. The partnership with MoEVing will help both the companies achieve their vision of deploying environment-friendly mobility solutions in the region, Amitabh Saran, CEO, Altigreen Propulsion Labs, said.

The high-performance vehicle builds customer confidence, eliminates driver range anxiety and the need for day charging. At MoEVing, we have deployed multiple Altigreen NEEVs across Bangalore and Delhi NCR. We look forward to deploying more NEEV EVs across all our cities pan India, Vikash Mishra, Founder and CEO of MoEVing, said.


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