Monday, May 29

AKO Trike with leaning mechanism from Lithuania-based EV startup

The AKO Trike from Lithuania-based EV startup is two-seater electric three-wheeler and features a novel leaning mechanism.

Described as a vehicle between a car and a bike that would, in theory, feel like riding an airplane, the AKO Trike comes with a proprietary, patent-pending mechanism that would allow it to lean by up to 30 degrees upon turns, when traveling at higher speeds. At lower speeds, turning the wheel turns the front wheels of the Trike, but there is no titling motion.

The trike’s power comes from an electric motor that is paired to the rear drive wheel with a driveshaft, another feature rarely seen on these types of EVs.

Weighing 450 kg , the Trike will come with a 26kWh battery that will provide an estimated 300 km (186-mile) range.

Safety is paramount, so the AKO Trike comes with front and side airbags, and four-point seat belts. After all, this is a trike that’s meant to go as fast as real motorcycles and cars.

Since the project is still very much in development and the final prototype isn’t even done yet, no details on pricing have been made public.

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