Thursday, February 9

Volvo launches the 9600 series luxury buses in India

Volvo Buses India has today launched the 9600 series of luxury buses in the country. The new Volvo 9600 luxury buses are introduced in two formats – 15m 6×2 and 13.5m 4×2. They will be available in both seating and sleeper configurations from the factory itself.

The Volvo 9600 is based on the company’s European design, which embodies tall boy aesthetics with generous space on the inside.

The 15m seater coach will be able to offer a seating capacity of 55 passengers or 40 berths in sleeper format. The 13.5m coach, on the other hand, will be able to seat up to 47 passengers or offer 36 berths.

Volvo 9600 platform is powered by a Volvo D8K (8 liter) engine offering 348.66 hp power at 2,200 rpm and 1,350 Nm torque at 1,200-1,600 rpm. This fuel efficient engine is designed to minimize TCO and maximize uptime thereby being highly cost efficient while the chassis includes an I-Shift automated manual gearbox with electronic braking and hill start assist.

The Volvo 9600 luxury bus comes with an electronic braking system (EBS,) Hill-start aid, and Electronic Stability Program(ESP). The coaches are also fitted with emergency exit doors, panic buttons at 2 meter intervals, fire extinguishers, roof hatch and FDSS.

Volvo 9600 platform will be manufactured at the company’s Hosakote plant in Karnataka, from where Volvo premium buses have been produced since 2008. The buses are expected to be priced in the Rs 1.3 cr to 2 cr range, depending on specifications and level of customization.

The company targets state transport corporations and private fleet operators with this new model. Volvo 9600 coaches will be available for deliveries in the next couple of months.


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