Wednesday, May 24

Mahindra Alfa BS6 3-wheeler launched. Claims to be the most fuel efficient

The Mahindra Alfa BS6 passenger auto-rickshaw variant has a claimed fuel efficiency of 28.9 kmpl while the load-carrying version returns a fuel efficiency of 29.4 kmpl. The new water-cooled engine is claimed to have undergone rigorous testing in various conditions for over 4 lakh kilometres.

Compared to the older BS4 model, the new BS6 version offers 37 per cent higher displacement, 16 per cent higher power and 12 per cent higher torque.

The current power output of the new BS6 water-cooled engine stands at 9 bhp and 23.5 Nm torque, thus offering improved pickup and better pulling power on slopes.

The Alfa also comes with a long wheelbase, high ground clearance, and strong sheet metal body, offering durability and better driving dynamics on rough roads.

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