Wednesday, May 24

Eicher Skyline Ambulance launched for Covid patients

VE Commercial Vehicles Limited has launched the Eicher Skyline Ambulance in India. The development work on the ambulance version was fast tracked due to the current pandemic scene.

The Eicher E366 BS-VI engine with100 hp and 285Nm powers this ambulance. These ambulances also come with Mbooster+ technology and fuel coaching that enables the driver to switch between Eco+, Eco & Power modes based on road conditions to provide optimum fuel efficiency.

The company offers a warranty of three years on the ambulance and says that driver/passenger/patient safety and comfort have been kept in mind while designing the vehicle. One can also use the ambulance as a Mobile Medical Unit and it is customisable as well.

The ambulances are equipped with an integrated telematics solution ‘Eicher LIVE’ supported by the Eicher Uptime Centre.

Since the pandemic is still raging on, provisions have been made to ensure the patient as well as the driver are isolated. This is done with the help of a partition. Auto loading stretchers, 270 degree opening rear doors, exterior provision for oxygen cylinder and mountings, medical cabinet, have been added to these ambulances to ensure ease of operations.

There are AC as well as non-AC versions available. VECV sells the Eicher Ambulance with Patient Transport (Type-B), Basic life support (Type-C) and Advance life support (Type-D) configurations. The company has donated two of these ambulances to the MP government recently.

Safety is also taken care of with the driver cabin being crash-tested. The Eicher Skyline Ambulance comes all-wheel disc brakes for enhanced safety.


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