Thursday, June 8

INTERMOT 2016: Marcus Walz’s roadster based on a Ducati scrambler

At the INTERMOT 2016, legendary builder Marcus Walz unveiled a custom bike based on a Ducati Scrambler. The bike belongs to Intermot VP Christoph Werner, who gave it to  Marcus for a high-performance overhaul. 

INTERMOT Custom Bike by Marcus Walz (1)

Features of the Scrambler based roadster

  • Ported heads, new pistons, rods, valves and cams—and a balanced crank.
  • New exhaust system
  • Modified a set of Panigale 1199R forks
  • CNC-machined swingarm
  • Racing sprocket and a titanium chainwheel
  • 17-inch rims are from OZ Racing
  • An uprated EBC aluminum rotor
  • Metzeler’s Racetec RR street-legal racing rubber: 120/70ZR17 at the front and 190/55ZR17 at the rear
  • Adjustable clip-ons from Gilles and DucaBike footpegs
  • The Scrambler now pumps out around 100hp on the dyno!

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