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Image Gallery: Maserati Levante at 2016 Geneva Motor Show

The Maserati Levante is a turning point in Maserati’s history. The brand new model, which maked its World Premiere at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, is the first SUV in the brand’s more than one hundred year history. The name Levante was inspired by a warm, Mediterranean wind that can change from mild to gale force in an instant.

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Maserati Levante (8)

Maserati Levante (3)

Features of the Maserati Levante

  • Based on the evolution of the Maserati saloon platform
  • Levante name inspired by a warm Mediterranean wind
  • Manufactured in the refurbished Mirafiori factory
  • Coupé style SUV
  • Cx = 0.31, best in class aerodynamic coefficient
  • 3.0 litre V6 turbo engines line-up
  • Petrol engines manufactured by Ferrari in Maranello
  • 3.0l V6 twin-turbo GDI petrol engine with 430 hp & 350 hp
  • 0-100 in 5.2 seconds and 264 km/h top speed for the 430 hp version
  • 3.0l V6 turbodiesel engine with 275 hp*(for Italian market only)
  • Fuel economy as low as 7.2 litres/100 km for the diesel version

Maserati Levante (7)

Maserati Levante specifications

  • Extensive use of aluminium in chassis, body and suspension
  • Ideal 50:50 weight distribution
  • Lowest centre of gravity in SUV class
  • Intelligent Q4 AWD system with standard Torque Vectoring
  • Maserati Stability Program developed for on-road and off-road use
  • Double wishbone front and five-link rear suspension
  • Standard Air Spring Suspension with 4 ride height levels (plus normal ride height and parking height levels)
  • Electronically controlled Skyhook shock absorbers
  • 100-0 km/h in 34.5 m for 430 hp version
  • New Human Machine Interface with 8.4” Touch Screen
  • Sumptuous leather interior as standard
  • Sport and Luxury specific packages offered from launch
  • Standard Air Quality Sensor on all variants


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