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The Ducati XDiavel is the best-looking bike of EICMA 2015. As the 73rd edition of the renowned international motorcycle exhibition concludes in Milan, it is the public to declare the XDiavel the winning bike out of all those on display.

This was the outcome of the “Vote for the best-looking bike and win it” survey/competition organised by Italian magazine Motociclismo, currently enjoying its tenth year of success.

2016 Ducati XDiavel S (19)

With no less than 6910 enthusiasts deeming it to be the best, the XDiavel received the highest number of votes from both those at EICMA and visitors to the Motociclismo website. The new Ducati cruiser took first place with 60.78% of the votes out of a total of 11,369.

2016 Ducati XDiavel S (6)

With this fascinating new bike, Ducati enters the cruiser domain and does so in its own inimitable way, presenting a true cruiser but with all the design, technology and performance one expects from a Ducati thoroughbred.

2016 Ducati XDiavel S (5)

The XDiavel offers both the ‘low speed excitement’ that comes from the relaxed riding and forward-positioned footpegs typical of a cruiser and the adrenaline rush of sports riding that Ducati has made its own. This is what the X in XDiavel stands for: the merging of two apparently separate, distant worlds on one bike, a superb combination where both are accomplished without compromise.

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