Wednesday, May 24

KidZania India teams up with TVS to bring thrilling racing experience to young riders and enthusiasts

KidZania India, a popular children’s edutainment park, has teamed up with TVS Motor Company to launch a brand new Racing Experience Centre at their Mumbai and Delhi NCR parks. The centre is designed to provide children aged between 5 and 16 years with a safe and controlled environment to experience the excitement of racing, all while learning about the sport in an interactive and engaging way.

Featuring real-life tracks, high-tech simulators, and authentic racing gear, the racing experience centre is sure to be a hit with kids. KidZania has also created three tailored role-plays that are aimed at inspiring a passion for racing and instilling the values that make a champion racer. There are activities for different age groups to ensure continued interest and learning.

The Racing Experience Centre includes activities such as bike assembly, design studio, assembly point, racing simulators, and more. The various activities encourage team participation, provide in-depth knowledge about racing motorbikes, and give young visitors a sense of achievement through their first racing licence and podium photo-op.

According to Prerna Uppal, Chief Partnership Officer – KidZania India, the partnership between KidZania and TVS Motor Company “creates a truly unique and exciting opportunity for children to explore the world of racing and mobility.” Meanwhile, Vimal Sumbly, Head Business – Premium, TVS Motor Company, said that they aim to offer a fun and interactive experience for children to learn and experience the joy of racing in a safe and controlled environment.

To ensure the safety and quality of the experience, the Racing Experience Centre follows specific guidelines. For example, each 15-minute activity session is limited to eight children, who receive a briefing session on TVS racing history and the different activities available. Children can choose from four different role-plays, and they are required to finish within the allocated time. All participants receive a memento/souvenir – a photograph with a frame – to commemorate their experience at the centre.

Overall, the new Racing Experience Centre is an immersive and interactive platform for young visitors to engage with, providing them with a fun and educational experience they won’t forget.

Source : Financial Express

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