Harley-Davidson wrap up its India business

Harley Davidson announced their official exit from the Indian market. Harley Davidson’s announcement of closing its manufacturing operations in India and reducing the size of its sales office in Gurgaon does not come as a surprise.

Over the past few months, Harley-Davidson has been announcing multiple cost-saving measures as part of its new Rewire business strategy. The latest news is the biggest so far and the American company has just reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission of USA that it will be ending its sales and manufacturing business in India. 

Harley-Davidson has recently celebrated ten years in India and there is a vibrant Harley-Owners-Group or HOG community in place. While Harley-Davidson is clearly  wrapping up its own business here, there are some signs that this may not be the last time a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is sold in India. Harley-Davidson may not officially be present in India anymore, but the company is evaluating other options. Harley-Davidson could also sell motorcycles and provide support to existing customers via an Indian business partner.

However, the company has stated that its dealer network will continue to serve customers through the contract term.

Harley-Davidson sales have taken a hit in recent times. In India, the company sold just 106 units from April to June 2020. That’s a decline of 87%, while exports are said to have gone down by 40% to 229 units.

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