Sunday, July 3

Benelli’s new quarter-litre sport bike, the 252R unveiled

Benelli has unveiled the 252R, brands new quarter-litre sport bike. Benelli has launched the bike in China at 25,800 Yuan, which works out to Rs 2.94 lakh.

The 252R is certainly the most striking to look at. It derives most of its styling cues from the 2021 302R, so the oval headlight on the front fairing is surrounded by scoops, vents and cut-outs. The 252R also has a muscular fuel tank that holds 14 litres, neat side fairings and a tail-section that looks as aerodynamic as the front.

It is powered by a 26hp, 24Nm, 249cc DOHC parallel-twin engine. Despite the extra cylinder, the 252R’s output figures aren’t exactly mind-blowing, so it is quite likely that Benelli has gone down its usual route of tuning the engine for a great exhaust note and friendly power delivery, rather than outright performance.

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