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In conversation with Prajapita Debroy – fitness model, entrepreneur & vocalist

Hey I’m Prajapita Debroy. I’m a fitness educationist, a fitnessmodel, an entrepreneur, and a vocalist, residing in Pune. I hail from Agartala, Tripura. I’m also a scholar in English literature and cultural studies. I do practice bodybuilding and powerlifting on a daily basis and train people via online coaching.

technwheelz: How long have you been into this profession?

Prajapita : I’ve been training for 5-6 years now.

technwheelz: What is fitness to you and what impact has fitness had on your life?

Prajapita: Fitness is beyond dieting hard or gymming. It is a lifestyle, to keep healthy and fit, both mentally and physically. As I stepped in the fitness industry, I realised my life turning topsy-turvy. It taught me lifelong values of consistency, dedication, hardwork and discipline.

It has made me very decisive, opinionated, helped me learn a lot, undergo challenges and destroyed all my fears, if I’ve ever had any!

technwheelz: According to you for what duration one should workout during a day?

Prajapita: I think it totally depends upon the goal of the person. It varies from one to another. If one is a layman and is only concerned about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, an hour is fine.

Whereas athletes with specific goals, may require two hours or more. The duration also has to do with the kind of workout strategy one is following.

technwheelz: What style of workout do you practice ?

Prajapita: I have always been inclined towards heavyweight lifting. So, powerlifting is definitely my priority for the strength, combined with bodybuilding, which I feel, makes it all look very aesthetic. Hence, I don’t mind calling it PowerBuilding!

technwheelz: What is you fitness diet?

Prajapita: There isn’t much about diet to stress upon, if you’re wise enough to know what and how much you’re eating.  I call it ‘smart-eating’ because dieting has been turned  into a taboo these days.

And in my fitness regime, I usually remain in a low carb diet because of my personal food preferences. Plus, I remain under strict self-supervision throughout, as I require to be shot-ready anytime and any day.

Diets must be flexible to help on sustain for a long time, should be the takeaway.

technwheelz: What or who motivated you ? Any person or idol you follow?

Prajapita: I was self-motivated actually. I don’t believe in idolization. But I do believe in inspiration. To name few of them will be Stefi Cohen, Julia Vins, Mary kom, Natasha Aughey, Arnold, of course, Cassandra Martin, Dana Lynn Bailey.

technwheelz: Which is your favorite travel destination?

Prajapita: Northeast is a really good place to explore, a paradise that remains undiscovered most of the times, in India. Yes I did, long ago though, but only to a few places in Northeast. There’s a lot to yet explore.

technwheelz: Well do men taunt you? Did you have any experience or any such circumstances to face on as being Indian women and in the world of fitness?

Prajapita: Yes, I did face criticism. I came across people who envy me, more than they would criticize me. But I largely get a lot of admiration, love and respect from males more than females.

And to add to it, I have seen women who want to look like me but are also blinded by the myth that women can’t look muscular. That’s masculine, which has to be busted. I see women resorting to just cardio, pilates, to just tone up, and they’re always misguided by certain pseudo-trainers who suggest them to not do heavy strength training, or else they’d look muscular.

I mean, seriously? A woman can be muscular and yet look feminine. Femininity doesn’t have to do with the way her body looks, it is inherent in her, which can’t be erased, no matter what.

I’ll tell you, being an athlete in India, especially a female athlete, is as hard as pulling out a sunk ship. There are already several jeopardizes of being a woman, in a country like India, and that too, if you belong to remote places like Northeast.

There are only a few female athletes back from my Northeast, other than me, who strove all their way to where we are at this point. We’re not provided platforms to showcase what we’ve got, because in this 21st century, there still exist societies where sports is considered a ‘Male-dominated’ arena and women, definitely, the weaker sex.

And trust me, all my life, is devoted to establish this that sports knows no gender or caste. It’s for one and all. It’s one’s birthright. And women should not be held back. They’ll always rise.

technwheelz: Now we all are at home fighting Covid-19, a lockdown period. Since 10-15 days most of them are at home or working from home in fact and the work culture now-a-days demand sitting at one place and working for hours. Any quick workout you recommend to them?

Prajapita: Well, for people with desk-jobs, I recommend them to do some basic and minimal physical activity, if they’re not able to hit the gym, in order to remain active.

Yoga and stretching could also be another suitable choice for them, since I’ve encountered a lot of my clients who are down with backpain or shoulder-fatigue.

Also, one can for sure do body weight exercises or calisthenics, since not everyone will be equipped with gym kits at home.

I prefer sticking to the basics. So one can surely use households stuff like sandbags, bricks etc to employ in one’s workout, along with squats, lunges, pushups, chin-ups, bicep-curls, whatever one is capable of.

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interview as told to team technwheelz (Sabin Jose)

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