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In conversation with artist Ian Deaves. Its more than just two-dimensional artwork

Meet Ian Deaves – a creative genius!! The journey of Ian as an artist began 40 years ago. His artwork is loaded with utmost detailing and he transforms his captured snapshots into paintings which makes them more than just two-dimensional artwork.

Water colour painting of my Norton i used some time ago

Q) Hello Ian. Tell us why do you paint?

A) I paint because I love painting, it makes me happy and it’s a real joy to create a convincing work of art.

Q) How do you work on the painting? Any specific way you follow?

A) I work mainly from photographs, especially when I paint bikes or cars. I also go out and take photos of local scenes particularly when the light is right, then I come home and paint them. When I paint bikes and cars, I work from the customers own photos usually.

Q) Tell us on your journey as an artist?

A) I spent many years as a truck mechanic and paint sprayer, then many years as a bus driver, all the time dreaming of painting, I’ve never had any formal training, I learned how to paint from books and experience, I started painting about 40 years ago, my first pictures were awful, but I was interested enough to learn and gradually improved.


Q) What’s integral to the work of an Artist?

A) Observation is integral to the work of an artist, when I’m out and about, I’m forever seeing potential painting subjects. Painting teaches you to really see things, for instance when I first started I tried to paint a tree from my imagination, then realized I didn’t have clue what a tree really looked like.

Q) What role does an artist have in society?

A) I think the artist has a very important role in society, because art can make people happy. You can stare at a painting you love and become so engrossed, that you can forget all your worries.

Q) What has been a seminal experience?

A) I think my seminal experience is whenever I sell a painting. It feels fantastic that someone liked my painting enough to spend their hard earned cash on my work. I still get a great feeling of elation whenever Castoneta painting.

Q) Which is your favourite artwork?

A) I don’t think I could choose one favourite painting, because I have so many, I love paintings by Constable, Turner, Van Gogh and many modern artists, like Joseph Zbukvic, Alvaro Castagnet and Britain’s David Curtis.


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Unedited interview as told to team technwheelz

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