Monday, November 30

Review: Hero XPulse 200 review by Athira Murali (Malayalam)

It’s affordable, it’s relatively light, un-intimidating and promises proper adventure capability. The Hero XPulse 200 is a one of its kind motorcycle, with no real competition. And it promises a level of versatility no other motorcycle can boast of. So, you can practically use it for the daily commute, hit the nearest off-road trails for some fun, and even go touring on it. That’s the basic premise of the Hero XPulse 200, to be a do-it-all motorcycle, and with a price tag that won’t bust your bank account. So does it have that all-round capability to make it the perfect motorcycle?

Athira Murali, who has the unique distinction of being India’s one of the youngest upcoming woman off-road racer reviews the Hero XPulse 200.

The XPulse 200 boasts impressive equipment levels for the price, including features and abilities that motorcycles even a segment above it do not offer. Needless to say, the fuel-injected version makes a stronger case for itself. The XPulse 200 is the most affordable adventure tourer in the country and a genuine one at that – you could take it almost anywhere without having to worry about it breaking down. The bike has been engineered to tackle some of the worst terrains and is a great tool to hone your off-roading skills, which is its greatest strength, not to forget, its likeable touring virtues.

Video Source: YouTube Channel – Athira Murali

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