Wednesday, June 7

Travel Diaries: The beauty of travel by Asterilla Monterio

The beauty of travel lies in the learning. Learning about the world, the people, different cultures and so much more!

But most importantly and interestingly, learning about yourself. Through travel one can connect with different elements of the world (natural and man-made) in a number of different ways. In the most recent years, travelling, to me, has meant learning about myself. Learning about my strengths and weaknesses through things like packing mistakes and making a wrong turn because of a terrible sense of direction.

Ultimately, you need to find your way back to where you began and you need to make so with what you have to survive. It has also led to a great deal of introspection. There is something about nature that has to power to magnetize you to introspection. The repetitive crashing of the waves on the shore can very easily hypnotize you. Another captivating thing about travelling is the people you meet. It is no doubt that your cultural identity shapes you – your behaviour and habits.

Travelling opens a window to meeting new people and getting introduced to a whole new set of ideas, values, outlooks and behaviours. You may even adapt some of them if you relate to them.

For me travelling (alone or with people my age with as little experience) is removing myself from my comfort zone and placing myself somewhere new and exciting.

Something that is going to teach me about the history of a new place through museums and heritage sites, more about food though local cuisine and markets, more about culture and values through people and more about myself through experiencing, reflecting and growing.

Through travelling you can learn patience, change your perspective on a city or on life, make new friends and a lot more. 


-Article by-Asterilla Monterio

-Photography credits -Jagdish Patil


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