Tuesday, May 30

Tata Motors to implement hierarchy free culture

Tata Motors has decided to scrap designation policy in its bid to create a hierarchy free culture in the company. All managers between L1-L5 grades who have a team reporting to them will use the job title ‘Head’ followed by the function/department.

Designations such as general manager, senior general manager, deputy general manager, vice-president and senior vice-president are among those that will be scrapped.

Other employees, who are largely at the front end and do not have teams reporting into them, also known as individual contributors (IC4 – IC6), will only use the title of the function/department after their name. At this stage, however, the Executive Committee comprising of the MD and CEO and the leadership team, will continue to use their designations.

The company expects that the move will help Tata Motors put in place a work culture that’s in line with those at global companies, especially service organisations.

The auto major has already reduced its managerial workforce by up to 1,500 people domestically as part of an organisational restructuring exercise.

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