Wednesday, June 7

Parents responsible for teenagers deaths in road accidents

If you check the newspapers on a daily basis, you will find a lot of articles on accidents taking place and mostly the youth losing their lives. Be it car accidents or even bike accidents for that matter. We find youngsters and college teenagers going crazy on the roads.

They ride bikes with not just carrying two but three people together. They are very fast on the roads and jump into accidents, losing lives of getting handicapped for life. Who is to be blamed for all this? I think it is the parents who are to be blamed.

Today’s parents are trying to be friends with their kids, praising them too much and giving them anything they ask for?  Where are they going wrong? With both the parents working and finding less time to spend with the kids, parents are spoiling their children with a lot of money and fulfilling all their wishes.

The materialistic world is taking charge. They think that these gifts can compensate for the time they are not able to spend with their children. We are now trying to mimic and embrace the values and habits of the western world. It is more about society, status and living the luxurious life and less about good parenting and teaching the difference between right and wrong.

I remember my mother telling me an incident about an old neighbour of ours, who had a very good looking son. The mother was a teacher and the son was really spoilt because of family problems. She bought him a bike when he was barely 14 years old and he used to speed down the neighbourhood very often. He ended up in a very bad accident and lost his life. He was her only child and had he lived today, he would be around 35 years old, having a high paying job, his own family and a comfortable lifestyle.

Wasn’t the mother responsible for the death of her only son at such a tender age? And the possibility of what if she wouldn’t have allowed her son to ride the bike will keep haunting her for the rest of her life. There are so many children and so many parents who have had worse fates.

Very often parents take decisions emotionally about their children without thinking of the repercussions. If something happens to the ward, all those years of happiness, sacrifices and love get washed down the drain in a single moment, leaving them emotionally unstable and shocked.

Teenagers have a mind of their own; they will eventually succumb to peer pressure and finally do what their friends say. It is an age of immaturity and we cannot blame them for it because it is their way of fitting into the crowd. But as parents and mature individuals it is the duty of parents to stop and teach their children about what is right and what is wrong.

Like the saying- “Spare the rod, Spoil the child.”

Aishwarya Gopalakrishnan.

About the Author: Aishwarya resides in India with her family. She has a one and half year old daughter who she is very proud of. She is a Teacher and is pursuing her Ph.D in the field of Management. When she is not teaching at her MBA Institute, she is busy reading books, baking and travelling to meet her loved ones.

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