Tuesday, May 30

Mahindra Scorpio modified into a Pick-Up truck with a soft top

Bimbra 4×4 has modified a Mahindra Scorpio featured below to have a pickup truck like rear bed along with a soft top. The body panels and the soft top among other things are well proportioned and this one does not feel like a hastily done mod job in any way.

Finished in a dark shade of teal green, it looks quite good too and is built on the latest generation model of the SUV.

The interiors have been kept stock apart from the fact that there are only two seats in the cabin now. The middle and last low seats have given way to the metal rear bed which is the distinguishing feature of this SUV now.

The soft top can be rolled up and down easily according to the requirement or need.

The tail lamps have been replaced with simpler rectangular units from Thar CRDe.

This mod is perfect for people who love travelling in order to explore and camp.

Note: technwheelz does not promote any kind of modifications / alterations on vehicles. The article shared is for informational purpose only

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