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Classic Tales: 1986 Yezdi 350 Twin


Classic Tales: 1986 Yezdi 350 Twin

Motorcycle owned by: Mukund Ayyangar

History: Ideal Jawa (India) Ltd was an Indian motorcycle company based in Mysore which sold licensed Jawa and ČZ motorcycles beginning in 1960 under the brand name Jawa and later Yezdi. The catchphrase for the bikes sold by the firm was “Forever bike forever value”


The Jawa 353/04 designated as ‘A’ Type, Yezdi 250 ‘B’ Type, Jawa 350 type 634 Twin and Yezdi 250 Monarch models are driven to this day in various parts of the country. Jawa and Yezdi bikes, especially the ones with fuel tank paddings and ignition systems on the fuel tank are now collectors items. The company stopped production in 1996.


There are still several bike enthusiasts in the country. There are several bike clubs across the country, some of them even organizing long distance rallies.

A Jawa 350 type 634 engine wedded to a Yezdi Monarch frame and only the second twin cylinder motorcycle ever to be launched in the country, failed to capture the imagination of the Indian two wheeler market.


Q) Mukund, tell us how and from where did you source this motorcycle?

A) I had gone for a trek to Karnataka,  Kodachadri and Shimogga district. On the way back I stopped at friends place in Coorg, Virajpet. While staying at his coffee estate, I saw this twin engine being used to pump water from a well and it was doing such a superb job. When I stopped to find out what engine it is, I skipped a beat to see a Jawa 350 heart pumping all its power to pump out the water.

I asked the friend if the engine is available for me to take home. He didn’t even think for a second before saying ‘yes’.

The next moment the engine was with me in a bus back to Pune. Thus the story began where I spent 8 months just to collect all the necessary / stock material to put his bike all together.


    • Engine – Coorg
    • Frame / chassis – Pune
    • Front brake hub – Mysore
    • Fuel tank – Delhi
    • Wiring harness – Banglore
    • Instrument console – Banglore
  • Other engine parts – Banglore / Mysore / Pune

The bike was all put together at Mane’s garage in Pune.

And videoed the first ride back home

Q) Is the motorcycle completely in a stock condition? Any tinkers done?

A) It is completely stock bike, the only modifications are the electrical for a better quality spark. I have increased the turns on the magneto coil therefore a better current.


Q) Technical specifications if available



  • 2-stroke, air-cooled
  • No. of cylinders 2
  • Cylinder capacity 343,5 ccm
  • Bore 58 mm
  • Stroke 65 mm
  • Compression ratio 9,8 + 0,7 :1- 0,3 :1
  • Max revs. 5750 / 1 min
  • Max output 17 kW–10% -5250/1 min +/- 3%
  • Max torque 32 Nm–6% – 4750/1 min +/- 5%



  • Class Jikov 28-29 CE horizontal Slide type



  • Type multiple-disc in oil bath


  • Type mechanical with gears,
  • Double shaft
  • Number of gears 4
  • Control by foot lever
  • Overall ratio climbing capacity with full load
  • 1.st gear 1 : 14,50 41%
  • 2.nd gear 1 : 8,60 20%
  • 3.rd gear 1 : 6,10 14%
  • 4.th gear 1 : 4,96 9,5 %
  • primary chain 2 x 9,525 x 4,77 66 links
  • secondary chain 1 x 12,7 x 7,75 126 links+1 connect



    • Length 2100 +/- 30 mm
    • Width 780 +/- 15 mm
    • Height 1160 +/- 30 mm
    • Clearance 120 +/- 10 mm
    • Seat height 820+/- 15mm
    • Axle base 1370 +/- 25 mm
  • Min. turn radius 3,5 +/- 0,4 m



    • Proper mass 149 +/- 3 kg
    • Running mass 162 +/- 3 kg
    • Overall mass 342 +/- 3 kg
    • Payload 180 kg
  • N0. of seats 2


Q) How does it feel riding? 

A) It feels like a high revving raw two stroke power between your legs which knows only straight roads. I think the engineers didn’t foresee that there would be turns and bends on the roads in the near future. Because all this bike knows is to go straight. You can’t lean / or even try to bend the bike into corners.But it is a crazy bike with insane powers.

With dry kerb weight of 152 kg it was heavier than most of its peers in almost every category. The seating is comfortable with raised handle bars and the  seat that offers an upright seating position.


Q) Reaction of people when they see this classic motorcycle?

A) Most people have no idea about this bike. They think this is a RD 350. Because that is the only bike they know with twin exhaust. It can get quite frustrating to make them understand that this is a Jawa / Yezdi 350. Mostly I nod and say yes it is a RD 350. Makes my life easier, makes them happier that they know so much.

Q) Do you maintain / repair this motorcycle on your own or is there any mechanic or specialist to take care of?

A) I do most of the stuff in mechanicals myself. I need help with electricals and at times tuning. I take the bike regularly to Mane’s garage on Tilak Road, near Swargate.


Q) Member of any club?

A) No.

Q) Motorcycles / cars you wish to see parked in your garage?

A) Triumph Tiger 800 XRx (maybe / hopefully / wishfully)

Image Gallery:  1986 Yezdi 350 Twin

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Note: The tech spec and other details are as received by the owner of the motorcycle. Technwheelz is not responsible for any kind of misprints or mistakes in the article above.


  • Farhad Antia

    Hi Mukund
    I had an identical Black Yezdi 350 in Ahmednagar and Pune. It was a blast to ride but exactly as you mentioned poor handling when cornering. The front tyre was square and had little grip when cornering. And the Alternator couldn’t charge the bike sufficiently if the headlight was on for more than a few minutes.
    Being a college student back then, I was too broke to change tyre or fix alternator. Could barely afford the fuel Lol.
    Glad to see your restoration. Looks very cool.

    Cant rem where I used to service it but it may have been Manes itself.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Alok Balsekar

    I have a Yezdi 350 too in mumbai
    Best part is, it’s got the 200 mm brake both front and rear.
    The rear is single leading shoe type.
    The only bike that left the factory that way.

    It’s a 1988 model

    • technwheelz

      Hi Alok,
      Good to hear about your Yezdi 350. If you permit we can feature your Yezdi on our website.

      -team technwheelz

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