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Fiancée taken for a ride, quite literally

In a very elaborate yet unique fashion a biker from Pune threw a surprise for his bride to be. Ankit Jha, a software engineer based out of Hinjewadi, Pune threw a double whammy on his fiancée, Nazli Patel. While introducing her to his friends of the biking community he set up a bunch of surprises for her.

Ankit and Nazli (3)

Being a member to a few of the Royal Enfield fraternities in Pune, Jabalpur resident Ankit Jha is one amongst the thousands of avid riders of Pune. However what brings a story to the board is the concept. Calling friends home or going over to friends at social gatherings is commonplace. Even the fact partners are joining their other halves on rides and are part of the group is gaining momentum in riding community across the country.

Ankit and Nazli (15)

Setting off from Wakad flyover as per the itinerary the group halted for a tea break at Somatne corner where other riders joined them. With the final rider coming in they set off to Lonavala when upon reaching, the riders parked their motorcycles in a circle.

While the ladies took her away for a brief chit chat, the others stood within the already formed circle holding messages written on chart paper. Upon her return she was asked to read out the “letter” written on these chart papers, the reactions ranged hilarity and nostalgia while Nazli read out the love letter by Ankit.

Ankit and Nazli (13)

With the last message Ankit entered with a bouquet of flowers to propose Nazli. Taking the opportunity he was asked to go down on a knee, handing over the bouquet he placed a ring in her finger and then stood up with another chart paper that read “will you marry me?” a teary yet impish Nazli gave her nod thus concluding the event.

After a brief interaction with the group, they returned to Lonavala for breakfast and then rode back to Pune.

Article by: Savio Tavadia

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