Tuesday, May 30

A tribute to every Woman born on Earth

“Frailty thy name is woman”
William Shakespeare in Hamlet

In the bygone era, woman were named the weaker section of society. They were labelled as delicate, breakable, not strong etc. Women were considered more as a mannequin to dress up and show around at parties in the west, whereas in the poorer countries they were the chosen ones for taking care of the house, family and children only. They were not allowed to go out of their homes without the permission of their father or husband.

The men were the official protectors. Women were not encouraged to even partake in the basic right of education, it was believed to make their thoughts evil. Forget education, they were not even allowed the right to give their opinion neither at home nor in the community.

Today, they say that if you educate a woman you educate a whole family and a nation. Isn’t it true? Your mother is the first teacher in your life. She teaches you to walk, talk and behave. You learn the first values in life from her. George Washington, the first President of the United States of America once said that it is his mother to whom he owes his success in life because she encouraged him to become the person he grew up to be.

women day

A woman may be weak physically but she is not weak mentally. Giving birth to a child is very painful, it is known as her rebirth because she undergoes pain equivalent to 20 bones being fractured at once. In spite of this pain she undergoes, every mother will tell you that all the pain was worth it once she gets to see the face of her newborn baby. That is the beauty of a woman.

She is blessed by nature with the strength and determination to tend to her young ones and give them the strength to achieve all they can in life. Today, women are great multitaskers juggling between their careers, children and family. Although every woman knows that she can’t have it all, she tries her best to be there for her babies, family and also her career. She is today’s woman. Not only the carer but also the bread winner in every family. Women are aiming higher, reaching the topmost positions in companies and are becoming entrepreneurs.

Women in the Arab world have been fighting for their rights and there has been a big difference which is transforming their life today. Their women are encouraged to education, becoming entrepreneurs etc. Arab Women are heading family businesses there too like in the western world. A secret prayer that the women in the villages in the under developed countries also get the opportunity to education and employment and let the governments and countries in the world strive to bring a change in the lives of these women in the future to come.

On this Women’s day, I take this opportunity to salute every woman, born on earth, no matter how small or big her contribution to the world. You are the future dear woman. The key to a beautiful future rests in your hands, make the best of it.

Very wise words by Eleanor Roosevelt: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

That is very true woman, don’t give another the power to make you feel lesser. You are a unique being created by a very strong force, for a specific purpose which you need to realise and do.
I take this opportunity to wish you strong Women out there a very Happy Women’s day. I thank my mother for all the sacrifices she made in her life to make me the person I am today.

Aishwarya Gopalakrishnan.

About the Author: Aishwarya resides in India with her family. She has a one and half year old daughter of whom she is very proud of. She is a Teacher and is pursuing her Ph.D in the field of Management. When she is not teaching at her MBA Institute,she is busy reading books, baking and travelling to meet her loved ones.

TECH’NWHEELZ wishes every Women out there a very Happy Women’s day.

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