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27th Club Malayalam movie – the story of 1% motorcycle club

In 2013, the Malayalam film saw the arrival of a road movie, which later went on to become one of the best movies of the genre, setting a standard of its own. Directed by Sameer Thahir , Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi was the movie that delivered what it promised.

Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi

Malayalam film industry will soon be witnessing, yet another, a hard-core biker movie called the 27th CLUB !! Directed by Raz Angel and Jishnu Sudevan, the movie is about a famous 1% motorcycle club based in Kochi, Kerala.

The poster of the movie has been released on Facebook and the shoots are said to be in its initial phase. We are excited to see the story of that 1% motorcycle club !! But what is “1%”?


The history of 1% 

On July 3, 1947, AMA (American Motorcycle Association) hosted a 3-day motorcycle carnival in Hollister, California. Hollister had hosted these types of motorcycle rallies previously and had a strong connection with the biker community. This was the first rally in Hollister in several years due to the World War II.

Motorcycle shows like races and field events were planned for the next day and the numbers of motorcyclists had swollen beyond expectations. The carnival witnessed large number of bikers than previous years.

As the day progressed, celebrations began spilling over into the streets. Drunk bikers were doing drags, wheelie, burnout displays and races right on the main street. Most of them ignored the sanctioned races going on at Hollister Memorial Park.

It was a total ruckus !! Many bikers were arrested, some were charged with disorderly conduct, and reckless driving,. Some bikers were treated for injuries at the local hospital, and a special session of night court was convened.

On the 4th day, the party began to run out of steam. The last of the motorcyclists left Hollister and the life returned to something like normal.

Following the ‘riots’- as termed by journalists at Hollister, the American Motorcyclist Association was said to make a statement which included a line similar to the following:

99% of motorcyclists are good, decent, law-abiding citizens”.

It was interpreted by many that those not covered by the above statement were the “one percent”. The term was quickly taken onboard and has been commonly used now for over half a century

The 1%er’s do not recognize the “Rule of Law” and choose to live by their own “Code”. The 99%er’s choose the “Rule of Law’


The image appeared on a lifestyle magazine after the Hollister ruckus with a caption  “He and friends terrorize a town,”

So, does the 1% motorcycle club exist in India?

We would like to hear more from you. Do share your views and comments on the story above.

Stay tuned as we bring more on the developments of the 27th CLUB  Malayalam Movie.



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