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In conversation with model & actress Shibra Tupke

We at TECH ‘N WHEELZ are eager to write about achievers and especially if they do something different from the norm. Meet Shibra Tupke – a model, a dancer, an actor and a sportsperson representing the National level team !!

Q) Shibra, we would like to hear more about you..

A) I’m a Punekar and  currently pursuing Bachelors in Engineering. I’ve won Times Fresh Face, Miss Sinhagad, The Fitness Queen, Miss Global India, Miss Photogenic and Miss India Asia Pacific 2017. I’ve also been a part of Gladrags Megamodel Reality Show on Channel V and currently doing a Telugu Movie as a lead.

Apart from this,  I’m also a state level skater, a basketball player and a national level Ice Hockey Player. I’m the Captain of the Maharashtra Women’s Ice hockey team. And also a trained dancer.

Q) A Telugu movie, that sounds interesting!!  Any details you can share with us?

A) The title of the movie is Rangula Prapancham; means colourful lives. The movie is about fashion world and is directed by Mr. Kumar. There are lot of other actors and also Harshu Kamble, Mrs South-East Asia 2016 is there in this project. The shoot is still in progress in locations like Pattaya and Hyderabad.

Q) For most of them, everything starts with the college campus. Was campus the platform for beginning of your career? 

A) When I was pursuing my second year of Bachelors in Engineering, I won the first runner-up title of Miss Global India 2016. I got lots of appreciation from my friends and teachers. In 2017, I was crowned as Miss Sinhagad which was an an inter college competition and the career of modelling saw a boost then onward.


Q) You have participated in many beauty contests and won many awards and we understand every moment for you is unforgettable but, is there any one favourite moment you would like to share to our readers?

A) The moment when I represented India at the Miss India Asia Pacific 2017 and won it. There’s no better feeling than making your country win and I am really proud of it.

Q) How do you handle stressful situations during the shoots, modelling, during stage performances? Is there any mantra you would like to share

A) It’s all about being confident and keeping your cool when something stressful happens. If you have the willpower to give your best, no matter what happens, you’ll overcome it.


Q) How important is diet for models? Do you skip meals?

A) Proper diet plan is important. I eat well and never skip meals. I’m blessed with a good metabolism so fitness hasn’t ever been a problem. Secondly, due to my involvement in sports, I have been physically strong and fit. However, I do workout and practice crossfit to increase my stamina and strength.

Q) Do you love to travel keeping your professional work aside?

A) Yes I love travelling and make sure to visit one place every year that I haven’t visited before. I love long journeys and travel a lot with my parents. I also go on road trips with my friends and the unforgettable was from Leh to Kargil.

Q) How important was the support from your parents and friends? 

A) I’m lucky and blessed to have parents and friends who have been really supportive and encouraging since Day 1! My parents are the reason where I am. It must have been tough for them to fight the societal norms and support me in this field as the society is yet to accept modelling with open arms and minds. There are days when I give up but they don’t. They have pushed me to achieve all this and they wanted to see me succeed more than I do.

I believe, behind my accomplishments, is a family that trusted me and not the society.
Friends have been pillars of strength for me since the very first competition. There are always there to encourage me when I’m in a dilemma. They are always ready with cakes and balloons to celebrate when I return home with a crown. From driving me all the way to Goa for Miss Global India to bursting crackers outside my house when I won it. They are always there for supporting me. I guess they are the lucky mascots.

Q) What message would you like to pass to others interested to pursue their career in modelling? 

A) The youth of today is more attracted towards fashion industry and modelling in particular because they think this is a career which can make them a celebrity with ease and everything around them is glamorous. No doubt, it looks glamorous but it takes a hell lot of hard work and dedication to achieve success in modelling. Having said that, It is one of the most sought after professions today.

Girls who want to pursue modelling as a career has to be ready to work really hard and be stubborn in your pursuit. Nothing is impossible. Just be confident about yourself and try to be your own best version instead of trying to be a second somebody.

Q) Who is your role model in this industry?

A) Priyanka Chopra. She’s a self made woman and her journey from being Miss World to Hollywood is really inspiring.

Q) The dream car you would wish to see parked in your garage?

A) The one and only dream car that I wish to see in my garage and hopefully I will be seeing is the Jaguar XJ. I’ve been it’s admirer since I was a kid and I wish to own one.


Interview by Sabin Jose

Unedited interview as told to team technwheelz

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