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Pulsar NS200 based Night Shadow Touring Concept by Lluvia Industries

A short ride review of the Pulsar NS200 will read – “Riding the NS200 is a simple affair. It is more commuter friendly than it looks. The overall seating position is fairly upright, good to manoeuvre the bike in city traffic”. But what about long rides? Can it be used as a touring motorcycle?


The answer lies with Lluvia Industries – manufacturers of Motorcycle kits and Touring Accessories. Lluvia has come up with a host of touring accessories for the Pulsar NS200.

Called the Night Shadow Touring Concept, the kit consists of

  • Fog lamp mount
  • Accessory mount – to mount action cams to mobiles for enhanced convenience
  • Handle bar raisers – for enhanced touring comfort
  • Diarest pillion backrest- extremely comfortable for pillion which has been tested with a subject travelling over 100kms including city, highways and ghat section
  • D Guard Saddle stay – to keep the saddle bags from swaying inwards. Added safety
  • Top rack – to mount most available cases or bags. Added convenience

Night Shadow Touring Concept Kit

Fog lamp mount


Handle bar raisers
Handle bar raisers
D Guard Saddle stay
Diarest pillion backrest
Diarest pillion backrest
Top rack

Stay tuned to technwheelz as we bring you a detailed test ride review of the Night Shadow Touring Concept very soon !!

Image Gallery: Night Shadow Touring Concept Kit

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