Friday, March 24

GOC customizes Harley-Davidson Sportster for Krakow Hard Rock Cafe

Polish custom bike company GOC (Game Over Cycles) recently revealed this rare custom work to be part of Krakow Hard Rock Cafe’s artifact collection. The custom job includes a host of parts influenced by music and music gear.


Just about every part on the original Sportster – from the frame and engine covers to the wheels and exhaust system – has been modified to rock and roll.


The music-influenced components don’t just look good, but many are also fully operational elements of the customized motorcycle. In fact, the only non-custom component of the Cafe Racer is its original 2004 Evolution engine.


“Musical” parts of the bike are:

  • Rear swing-arm imitating guitar fretboard
  • Full wheels with engraved tracks like on a vinyl record
  • Leather seat with engraved chorus notes of song “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC
  • Air filter in the form of microphone
  • Coil cover in the shape of guitar with a suction mechanism, where tremolo arm also is used for carrying out suction in the carburetor
  • Battery box in the shape of amplifier
  • Exhaust system with adjustable sound
  • Shift lever imitating a turntable arm



Head on over to the gallery for lots of photos of this one-of-a-kind custom Harley



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