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The Pulsar Strada!! Bajaj Pulsar 220F adventure tourer mod

The Bajaj Pulsar, as in India, is one of the most preferred motorcycle range in the Indonesian market. Motorcycle customizers in Indonesia have come up with a modification job based on the Pulsar 220F to look and function like the Ducati Multistrada. Called the Pulsar Strada, the motorcycle is for those who cannot afford costly touring motorcycles. One such Pulsar Strada is shown in the images below and gets loaded with touring accessories.

The Pulsar Strada
The Pulsar Strada features:
  • A bigger fairing  for deflecting the wind, bugs, rain and dirt away on high speeds
  • Multistrada inspired front fairing nose with pseudo air vents
  • Clip-on handle bars  replaced by wider and higher handle bars
  • Mounts for GPS on the handlebar
  • LED/fog lamps
  • Engine and fairing guards
  • Wider tyres for better traction
  • Larger rotors for increased braking efficiency
  • Suspensions with longer travel for off-road purpose
  • Increased ground clearance
  • Sump guard



There is an endless list of modifications that can be carried on the Pulsar Strada which also includes engine boring to churn out maximum power. The list above is referring to the images posted in this article.



Image Gallery: The Pulsar Strada

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