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Concept Pearl: Bajaj Pulsar 150 based custom work by Ayas Customs

Concept Pearl- Bajaj Pulsar 150 based concept by AYAS CUSTOM MOTORCYCLES, Pune. AYAS means precious metal in Sanskrit and the design team believes that every bike is a precious metal indeed for his owner. The theme of the motorcycle is inspired by the Pebbles.

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The Pearl features-

  • Handmade bodywork
  • Custom leather work
  • Brass etching work
  • Brass 2 layer plating
  • 2-Tone body paint
  • Underseat exhaust unit
  • 20% weight reduction

Concept PEARL Ayas Customs (4)


Under Seat Exhaust


Concept PEARL Ayas Customs (13)

Handmade bodywork


Concept PEARL Ayas Customs (10)

Custom leather seat covers

Concept PEARL Ayas Customs (6)


Saleem- the fabricator

Concept PEARL Ayas Customs (16)

Cost of Customization : INR 95,000k


  • Amey More (Founder)
  • Sushil Yebaji
  • Omkar More
  • Chetan Kumbhar
  • Abhishek Khanna (Transport Designer)

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