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Classic Tales: 1989 Yamaha RX100. The legendary 2-stroke motorcycle

Classic Tales: 1989 Yamaha RX100

Motorcycle owned by: Shubham Thakur

History: The Yamaha RX 100 was a two-stroke motorcycle made by Yamaha from 1985 to 1996 with technical collaboration and distributed in India by the Escorts Group. At the initial stage, Yamaha Japan was exporting all bikes from Japan to India. After 1990, Escorts started production in India, with some parts being imported from Japan. In India in November 1985, Yamaha launched the RX 100 to widespread acclaim. The appeal came largely from the high output of its 100 cc engine. With its lightweight body and high power output, the resulting power to weight ratio of the bike made it the best 100 cc bike ever built for mass production, and as a result there is still a high demand for it many years after it ceased production.

The RX 100 was quickly adopted by racers who recognized its potential for drag racing. Various modifications such as expansion chambers, head porting, engine tuning, sprocket changes and wheel size changes became fairly common.

The RX 100 production lasted from November 1985 to March 1996. The tightening of emissions laws and regulations in India demanded lower emissions from these motorcycles, and as a result the RX 100 was replaced by the Yamaha RXG.

Q) Is the motorcycle completely in a stock condition? Any tinkers done?

A) Upfront, the front telescopic setup has been borrowed from Bajaj Pulsar to accommodate the disc brake unit. Rest, everything is in stock condition.

Q) Technical specifications :

  • Engine : 98.2 cc air-cooled, reed valve two-stroke single
  • Power : 11.2hp
  • Torque : 10.45Nm @7500rpm
  • Transmission : 4-speed constant mesh, multiplate clutch
  • Suspension : KYB telescopic fork, swing arm
  • Brakes : Expanding Drum (both front and rear)
  • Tires : Wire spoked, F: 2.50×18, R: 2.75×18
  • Wheelbase : 1,240 mm
  • Dimensions : L X W X H – 2040 mm X 740 mm X 1060 mm
  • Seat height : 765 mm
  • Fuel capacity : 10.5 L
  • Oil capacity : 1.3 L

Video : Yamaha RX100 Exhaust Note

Q) How does it feel riding?

Sitting on RX100 is very comfortable with its straight and flat seating. It gives better grip to your legs while riding. The handle bar is short, which makes it very comfortable while riding in city traffic. Due to its amazing torque and gear ratio, the RX100 is a perfect fit for city rides. This ratio is very perfectly matched that you don’t have to shift gears even at low speed.

Q) Reaction of people when they see this classic motorcycle?

When I take this motorcycle for a ride, then I am asked by many if me going to sell this bike? That’s a common question for me nowadays. The exhaust note of the RX100 is something special. This is not as loud as a Royal Enfield Bullet or Yezdi Jawa, but yes it grabs attention wherever I go.

Q) Do you maintain / repair this motorcycle on your own, or is there any mechanic or specialist to take care of?

For maintenance and repairs, I visit to a local garage owned by Mr. Hemant Mithbavkar.

Q) Member of any club?

I am part of Bombay RX Club.

Video: Yamaha RX100 Walk around 


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