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Classic Tales: 1980 Lambretta API 175 Auto-rickshaw

Classic Tales: 1980 Lambretta API 175 Auto Rickshaw

Auto-rickshaw owned by: Vinit Udyavar

History: Automobile Products of India (API) was founded in 1949 at Bombay (now Mumbai). The company manufactured Lambretta scooters, API 3-Wheelers under license from Innocenti of Italy. API auto rickshaws are still in operation in certain parts of the country, notably in some parts of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.

Lambretta is the brand name of mainly motor scooters, initially manufactured in Milan, Italy, by Innocenti. The name is derived from the word Lambrate, the suburb of Milan named after the river Lambro which flows through the area, and where the factory was located.

Q) How and from where did you source this auto rickshaw?
A) I had been to my native (Mangalore) in the month of April and saw this posted on OLX portal. It happened to be a Private Registration Vehicle which can be used by anyone without a Commercial Driving License. So I decided to buy this and get it to Mumbai as this is very unique and is one of the rarest piece.

Q)  What are the technical specifications?
A) This auto rickshaw comes with a 175cc, 2-stroke engine. It has a 4-speed gearbox and runs on 8-inch wheels. Engine is placed under the driver’s seat and drive is given to the rear wheels.

Q) How does it feel riding?
A) It feels like I am Riding a Boat on the Streets 🙂 It feels totally different. It took time to understand the behavior of how it handles but later I am used to it.

Q) Reaction of people when they see this classic vehicle on the road?
A) I love when people Try to Stop me assuming it’s For Hire. With its classic and unique styling it grabs attention wherever I go. People are shocked to such an old vehicle maintaned so beautifully.

Q) Do you maintain / repair this motorcycle on your own or is there any mechanic or specialist to take care of?
A I do have specialist who works on Old Beauties. Minor tinkers if any i do it own my own.

Q) Are you a member of any club?
A) I go by the name of @Indian.ScooterHead on Instagram and I prefer to be an Independent Rider. I do take part in Vintage Rallies and some Club Meets.

Q) Motorcycles / cars you wish to see parked in your garage?
A) The list is long but there are few which i wish to see parked in my garage.
– Nissan Skyline R33 GTR
– Lambretta Special 200

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