Saturday, March 25

Update: SOLD !! TnW Motomart: 1971 Nissan Patrol

1971 Nissan Patrol aka Jonga for sale: Completely RESTORED 1971 Nissan Patrol (Jonga), with all original spares and parts, original 3 speed gear box, 4×4, Original Perkins P-6 Diesel engine, 5800cc. 

Nissan Jonga for sale Pune Mumbai (1)

  • City: Mumbai
  • Odometer: NA
  • Manufacturing month and year: 1971
  • Engine: Perkins P-6 Diesel engine, 5800cc.
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Transmission: 3 Forward + 1 Reverse Manual gearbox
  • Colour: Military Green
  • Drive: 4-Wheel Drive

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