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Cornering Brake Control (CBC) explained

For greater safety when braking on curves – Cornering Brake Control stabilises your vehicle by applying braking pressure asymmetrically (unevenly).

Using the revolutions of the wheel, CBC regulates the pressure in the different wheel brake cylinders so that wheels operate separately and brake optimally.

To get a clear idea of functioning of this system, let us consider the behaviour of a vehicle while taking a turn around a curve. When a vehicle moves along a circular road, centripetal force (force that makes a body follow a curved path) acts on it thereby shifting the weight of the vehicle away from the centre of curvature of road (as shown in image below).

As the speed of vehicle increases, an imbalance in overall behaviour of the vehicle is generated. As a result, the possibility of vehicle getting drifted away from its intended path increases. It may also move into the other lane posing a threat of an accident.

CBC regulates the braking pressure in the different wheel brake cylinders so that wheels operate separately and brake optimally. The system modulates brake action at individual wheels in a precise way.

For instance, when braking on the bend, the car understeers and tends towards the outside of a corner. The CBC systems suppresses skidding of the front wheels by applying brakes to the inside wheels. It may also apply brakes to rear inner wheel if needed.

Source: BMW

If needed, it can also cause brake pressure at the outside front wheel to build up more rapidly than at the other wheels but does not allow the wheels of the vehicle to lock, blocking of which causes the danger of losing control of the vehicle.

CBC counteracts this tendency by asymmetrically distributing brake pressure to the left- and right-side brakes or by reducing pressure (to the rear axle)

The result is significantly safer and gentler braking. The vehicle remains safe on track at all times. Even during abrupt braking maneuvers, the vehicle remains stable.

PS: The working of CBC (Cornering Brake System) may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer & vehicle to vehicle. CBC regulates the brake cylinder pressure of each wheel so that the car can brake optimally during a turn.

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