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Feeling being roasted alive? Keep your car cool this summer

When you get in your car after it’s been parked in hot weather at work all day, or even in a lot outside a shopping mall or store, you can feel like being roasted alive.

A car’s interior temperature can quickly reach 120 degrees and higher on a hot summer day.

Follow these tips to keep your car cool and protect the interior as well as yourself and any passengers.

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1) Use a Sunshade
The best way to keep the direct sunlight out of your car is to use a sunshade. This item is available in a general size that will fit a sedan, SUV, and other classes of vehicles, or in a customized option that will fit your exact windshield size and shape. Many of these sunshades have reflective materials on one side, which should be placed facing out to reflect the sunshine away from your car. It’s best to use the shade every time you park your car.
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2) Keep the windows slightly open 

When parked directly in the sun, keeping the windows slightly down aids in cross-ventilation and extracting heated air from the cabin. However, make sure the window isn’t rolled down too much, else, it may pose a security risk.


3) Move Your Car Around

If you keep your car parked in one place throughout the day, such as at work, take several breaks during the workday to move your car to a different parking space. This allows you to find shady parking spots as the sun moves to various spots in the sky. And don’t forget to run the air conditioner as you move the car to cool down the interior.

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4) Wrap the steering wheel with a handkerchief
Even after you’ve rolled down your windows and let the stifling air escape, often the steering wheel is just too hot to touch. Despite using window visors, it’s a good idea to wrap the steering wheel with a hand towel or handkerchief, especially around the points of contact.
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5) Place a cotton bedsheet over your leather seats 
Seats with leather and art leather covers tend to get very hot when exposed to direct sunlight. Covering them with a cotton bedspread will definitely help keep their temperatures in check. Carrying a bedsheet around may get a bit cumbersome but if you have leather seats and don’t have a closed parking space, the pros of keeping one in the boot outweigh its inconvenience.

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