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Woman drives her Yaris into lake. Blames GPS system

A Canadian woman drove her car into a lake in Ontario. The 23-year-old female was driving her Toyota Yaris in dense fog, and ended up going off a boat ramp.

Apparently, she missed a right turn and was driving on a ship launch. The latter is a passage designed specifically to lower or raise a boat out of the water, and it is accessible by car and close to a road.

A car is towed from the harbour at Tobermory, Ont. (PHOTO: THE BRUCE PENINSULA OPP)
A car is towed from the harbour at Tobermory, Ont. (PHOTO: THE BRUCE PENINSULA OPP)

Unfortunately, it can be easily confused for a regular road if visibility is poor. In the case of this accident, the woman was driving at midnight, during rain and fog. Fortunately the driver escaped the car without any injuries.

She managed to roll down the windows of the car, grab her purse, and swim to shore. From there she went to a nearby hotel and then phoned the authorities and asked for help.

She explained that she is embarrassed by the situation, but expected her GPS unit to guide her on the right way. This story goes to show once again that you must drive with caution at all times and follow GPS instructions only for orientation purposes, but not with 100% faith that they are precise.

The Police Department, stated that the driver was tested for alcohol in her system and that the result was negative. No charges are pending for the 23-year-old driver, the Toronto Sun reports.

Source: torontosun via autoevolution

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