Friday, June 9

VW e-BULLI concept – a 1966 classic with 2020 electric drive

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV) unveils the e-BULLI concept, an all-electric vehicle that produces zero emissions on the road. Equipped with the drive system components of the latest Volkswagen electric vehicles, the concept vehicle is based on a T1 Samba Bus produced in 1966 and comprehensively restored. VWCV partner eClassics is planning to offer T1 conversions in the style of the new e-BULLI to European customers.

The 43-hp four-cylinder boxer engine gave way in the e-BULLI to a silent Volkswagen electric motor delivering 82 horsepower. With maximum torque of 211Nm, the new drive provides more than twice the force of the original T1 engine from 1966 (101Nm).

Power transmission is by means of a single-speed gearbox. The e-BULLI reaches a top speed of 80 mph / 129 kmph (electronically limited). With the original drive system the T1 managed a top speed of 65 mph / 104 kmph.

Just like the boxer engine of the 1966 T1, the combination of gearbox and electric motor integrated in the back of the 2020 e-BULLI drives the rear axle. A lithium-ion battery is responsible for supplying the electric motor with power. The battery’s usable energy capacity is 45 kWh.

All of the electric drive system’s standard parts are being made by Volkswagen Group Components in Kassel. The lithium-ion modules are designed at the Braunschweig components site.

The battery is charged via a combined charging system (CCS) socket. It enables charging with alternating or direct current. Alternating current: The battery is charged via an AC charger with charging power of 2.3 to 22 kW, depending on electricity source. Direct current: Thanks to the e-BULLI’s CCS charging socket the high-voltage battery can also be charged at DC fast-charging points with up to 50 kW of charging power. In this case it can be charged up to 80 percent in 40 minutes. The range with a full battery charge is more than 124 miles / 200 km.

The designers modernized the exterior of the iconic vehicle with great sensitivity and finesse, including giving it a two-tone paintwork finish in ‘Energetic Orange Metallic’ and ‘Golden Sand Metallic Matte’. Details such as the new round LED headlamps with daytime running lights communicate the transformation into the modern era. At the rear, there are also LED charge indicators, which signal to a driver walking up to the e-BULLI how much charge the lithium-ion battery still has even before they reach the vehicle.

The seating is one of the new features. In keeping with the external paintwork, it is also in two colors: ‘Saint Tropez’ and ‘Saffrano Orange’. Positioned within a console between the driver and front passenger seat is the new automatic transmission selector lever. The start/stop button for the electric motor is also integrated here. Solid wood in the look of a ship’s deck is used for the floor throughout.

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